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Volunteers can be the glue for your company’s success. If you are searching for a thriving, successful, outside-the-box volunteer program, then look no further than CEI.

Volunteer Management by CEI

Our volunteer management services help your company recruit, train, and supervise the volunteer staff.

We also train your staff to understand why volunteerism is so important.

Volunteer Recruitment

  • Place advertisements
  • Attend job fairs
  • Ask employees to ask their friends

Train Volunteers

  • Volunteer handbook
  • Tour of the facility
  • Volunteer orientation
  • Training for their specific role

Supervise Volunteers

  • Training for their specific role
  • Constructive feedback
  • Tracking volunteer hours
  • Reports on the success of the program

True Volunteerism

CEI believes that when creating a volunteer program, the volunteers should be part of the equation.

If you want to have great volunteers, they have to love doing what they do.

That means asking their input as to what volunteer position they feel most passionate about. We like to make them feel included in the company’s mission, make them feel that what they are doing is making a contribution to the mission and bottom-line, and that they are part of a winning team.
Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.
Elizabeth Andrew


Dedication to something or someone. Even when the times are tough, you stick with it, follow through, and get it done.

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