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Joanne Aiello

Our vision at CEI is to create wellbeing for our clients through inspirational and innovative events, event marketing, and community give-back.

Following a major corporation declaring bankruptcy in 2000, CEI Founder, Joanne Aiello, knew that she wanted to be a part of something bigger, something that would change the way people thought about the world we live in. Joanne’s motto is to not focus on the stressors we all have, but on the magical moments that take us out of our everyday lives.

CEI was built on the foundation that the everyday stressors do not need to define us, but allow us to explore new possibilities, discover the untapped, and connect in ways we haven’t connected before. We believe in new, innovative ways to share your story through events.

Over the past 20 years, CEI has produced hundreds of meetings, trade shows, executive briefings, non-profit and for profit events with a focus on meeting and exceeding our client’s overall goals and objectives.
Whether you are looking to host an employee kick off meeting, recognition for your top performers, a sporting event like Strike Out Childhood Cancer or a pull-at-the-heartstrings nonprofit gala, CEI will plan and produce your event with maximum impact and a ton of WOW factor added for good measure.

Working in a collaborative manner is our special ingredient.

Teamwork makes the dream work! We’re about collaboration, motivation, and participation. Let’s get started.

Joanne Aiello

Joanne Aiello has been in the business of corporate and nonprofit planning and event marketing for over 20 years.

She knows what it takes not just to dream big, but also how to make those dreams come to life!

From pre-planning and preparation behind the scenes, to being calm, cool and collected on event day, Joanne possesses the professional instincts to handle all details, no matter the climate.

She was born in New York to an Italian mother and father and a lot of extended family. Madonna Mi! Que Casino…she was a middle child of four siblings with fond memories of her childhood.

Her loves include reading, from Italian Cookbooks to Joseph Campbell, writing poems and short stories, cooking and creating her own recipes.

Joanne has always had the ability to create extraordinary events, kickoffs and programs with calm and ease. She has been a pure pleasure to work with as she anticipates the unexpected, puts her creative mind into action and has every detail ironed out well in advance of a roll-out. She is a collaborative manager who gets the job done right and brings here expertise to the bottom line of a company.
Dan Gay

Chief Marketing Officer, Blockcerts


Imagine your best day…and let’s create the magic to make that happen.

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